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Tax Preparation


Taking Care of Your Book Keeping & Tax Needs

Horton Consulting Services LLC has been providing our clients from all 50 states with first-class Accounting, Tax Resolution, Tax Preparation & Book Keeping services since 2021. We have resolved over $5 million dollars in Tax Resolution cases so far!


Our mission is to provide you a convenient, affordable, one stop shop for all your financial needs, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your life. Whether you are starting a business, or just need help with filing taxes, we are here for you.

Accounting Accredited Business

Let Us Get Rid Of All Your IRS Problems Now!

Tax Resolution Services


Are you getting IRS Notices? Do you have a tax lien or perharps a tax levy? Do you even know if you have a tax lein? Do you have tax penalties or fines that you need help getting rid of? Or maybe a more complicated Tax Issue that you can't put your finger on? Click book now! Let's chat!

We Keep Your Business In Compliance All Year Round!

Bookkeeping Services

Do you need more time to spend with family? Or perhaps you got a surprise tax bill because of your messed up books? Can't get a business loan because you have no financial statements? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and overloaded!

Let Us Save You Money On Taxes!

Individuals & Business Tax Returns

Tax situations can go from simple to complex very quickly! Tax laws change from year to year and having inaccurate tax returns can cost you an audit, penalties, lots of taxes owed and the hamster wheel can keep going even faster! It's time to release the stress bag! Click Book now! I can't wait to speak with you.

Tax Document
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Tax Resolution
"It's Good to feel Good!" - Abraham Hicks

"Every morning is a new beginning!"

Working with us guarantees you peace of mind and protection!
We are excited to serve you!
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